The Jamaican Jewish Cemetery Preservation Fund, Inc.

is a not for profit corporation 501(c)(3),

raising funds for and conserving Jamaica's

historic Jewish cemeteries. 



JJCPF is an out growth of the CVE (Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions). Since 2007, at the request of Ainsley Cohen Henriques, Rachel Frankel annually led volunteers to document Jamaica's historic Jewish cemeteries.

JJCPF's mission is to conserve the Jewish cemeteries on the West Indian island of Jamaica. The cemeteries are testament to the flight of Jews from the Spanish Inquisition in Spain and Portugal, and their participation in the growth of the new western world as part of the Sephardi diaspora. The Sephardim formally arrived in Jamaica when England captured it from Spain in 1655, were later joined by their Ashkenazi coreligionists in the 19th century, and have enjoyed over 360 years of living in relative peace where they buried generations of loved ones in cemeteries that are now in need of care.


Our goal is to assist the United Congregation of Israelites, Jamaica's Jewish community, to raise funds to conserve the cemeteries beginning with the Hunts Bay Cemetery, the Island's oldest known cemetery, established prior to 1672 and now a Jamaica National Heritage Trust Site.

Arial view of Hunts Bay Cemetery, Jamaica

Arial view of Hunts Bay Cemetery, Jamaica